• Double Tracking

      Double Tracking C. Stephen Byrum, PhD   In the early 1960s, Abbey Road Studios in London—yes, the same Abbey…

    by Trip Wilson
  • Two business men talking

    Efficiency and Dignity

      Netflix has just released the first season of a new series it has created entitled “The Crown.” It is…

    by Trip Wilson
  • Happy smiling multi ethnic business team in office

    New Hierarchies of Explanation

      In our work with the Judgment Index, we spend a lot of time talking about hierarchies. At the core…

    by Trip Wilson
  • Recruiting in a Talent Poor Environment

    “Let’s Just Admit it…” Dr. Steve Byrum, PhD             We have been too idealistic. We…

    by Trip Wilson
  • Your values…your risk? Tell us what you think.

    My friend rides a motorbike. He has always ridden a motorbike. He loves it and he doesn’t think twice about…

    by Tessa Durack
  • Noticing Small Things is a Big Deal

    It was seriously frightening to read in ‘The West’ the other day that over a two year period 38 weapons…

    by Ian Shakespeare
  • Positive Attitude: Reduces Stress

    Modern day life and lifestyles both at work and in our personal lives expose us to more and more stressors…

    by Joseph Carrello