Decision Making

If you can measure “it,” you can improve “it.” And, if you can improve “it,” performance and outcomes can be enhanced.

Hiring and Workforce Selection

Identify who has the judgment and decision making skills to help your business succeed.

Employee Engagement

We can measure how engaged your employee's are in their work — saving your company from potential backdoor turnover.

Succession Planning and Leadership Development

Identify who in your organization is ready to accept a role with greater responsibilities and readiness for further development.

Safety and Risk Management

Get the insight you need to improve safety and reduce lost time.

Health and Wellness

A healthier, happier employee is a more productive employee.

Athletic Performance

No matter the sport, a person's judgment can and will decide the outcome. Let us help you gain an advantage when you go out to compete.

Innovation and Creativity

Gain the insight to learn who in your organization is able to think “outside the box” in a positive way that will benefit your company.




Good Judgment is Key to Success


Recruitment and

Identify who has the judgment and decision making skills to help your business succeed.


Leadership and Team

Nurture leadership potential, build successful teams and enhance sports performance.


Health and

Gain an insight into the wellness behavior of your workforce to maximize performance levels.


Safety and Risk

Get the insight you need to improve safety and reduce lost time.

Measuring Judgment – the toughest test of all… until now!


Find out more about the research behind the Judgment Index.

Judgment not Personality

Value systems, not personality, determine judgment.

Reports and Interpretations

View descriptions of available reports.

Accreditation Training

Learn more about the applications and interpretation of the Judgment Index results through our three day accreditation training.

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  • “It is always good to better understand ourselves a little better, but where you really helped was in pointing out the dynamics of our team. And how each of our individual talents lend to an overall great team atmosphere. “
    Mike PriceChief Operating Officer / Oglethorpe Power Corporation
  • “We had been very effective at finding people who had the experience, capabilities, and skills to be successful in these positions; however, we had been unable to predict who would find the jobs rewarding enough to stay any reasonable length of time. The Judgment Index added this dimension to our recruiting process."
    Daniel L Blomberg Senior Vice-President Human Resources / BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
  • “In an interview, you rarely can assess how a person will respond to everyday stresses and deadlines. You really don’t know from the short amount of time you spend with someone if they will exercise good judgment in decision making… the Judgment Index took a lot of the guess work out of the process.”
    John MoorePresident and CEO / Memphis Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • “We use the Judgment Index as a personnel evaluation tool for assisting our organization in hiring marketing representatives and find it to be an outstanding predictor of success.”
    A. Vincent Blunt, IIIVice President Human Resources / Olan Mills, Inc.
  • “Lowering the high cost of turnover and avoiding the expense of bad hiring decisions clearly make the use of this tool very financially attractive, not to mention the benefits our patient’s receive by our doing a better job of having the right people in the right jobs.”
    Doug BeckstettVice President & Chief Human Resources Officer / Memorial Hermann Healthcare System
  • “The Memorial Hermann Healthcare System is using the instrument extensively. We are constantly measuring and improving the values of our organization. Value-based staff helps us achieve our goals.”
    Dan WilfordCEO / Memorial Hermann Healthcare System