Roger Wall

Chief Marketing Officer

Roger is the Chief Marketing Officer of Judgment Index.

Roger is a native Tennessean and a 1971 graduate of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He is a successful businessman and has an extensive sales and marketing background. His drive and strong work ethic enabled him to pay his way through college by selling books door-to-door. Prior to joining Judgment Index, Roger was the owner of a very successful private business. For most of his business career, he was affiliated with UnumProvident (formerly Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company in Chattanooga, TN).  His 30 year career with them included various executive positions such as Senior Vice President and Sales Director based from Worcester, Massachusetts. He was responsible for strategic partnerships and he managed the National Marketing Organization for UnumProvident during two major mergers. Besides Worcester, Roger worked with the company in Atlanta, Columbia, Washington D.C., New Orleans, Nashville, and Chattanooga, TN

He is an Eagle Scout, an avid sailor, and a Tennessee Volunteer football fan. Regardless of his business accomplishments, Roger is most proud of his wife and two daughters. They are residents of Brentwood, TN.