Accreditation Training

Are you interested in using the Judgment Index™ (JI) to:

  • recruit and retain the right people,
  • coach your existing employees or clients,
  • develop leaders and build high performing teams,
  • and/or manage risk or health and wellness in your workplace?

Judgment Index offers a two and a half day training course to enable you to become an Accredited JI Associate. This training provides the foundation and background for understanding the the Judgment Index™ reports and will cover:

  • applications and benefits of the JI,
  • interpreting the individual indicators and understanding the specialty reports,
  • and interpretive counseling and coaching applications.

The course has been developed to accommodate Human Resource professionals, management consultants, and employers. Following successful completion of the training you will have the option to be able to generate and manage your reports independently online. You will be given access to the online Judgment Index™ forum online for ongoing support and learning including training videos, live and recorded webinars, Q & A forums and much more.

Upcoming courses

May 15-17, 2024 (virtual)

June 19-21, 2024 (virtual)

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