LMS Development Series Exercises

11 C7 – Dealing With Frustration Module 1: Screen 13 Frustration Exercise This exercise begins with a definition of Frustration, then asks the student to identify the people in their lives with whom they become frustrated and who become frustrated with them. The exercise instructs the student to create two lists using the instructions below. The lists will be used in Module 4 to help create their Frustration Action Plan.  I would like you to make two lists. On the first list, write the names of people with whom you become frustrated because they are either too fast or too slow at decision-making and problem solving. Place an “F” by those who are too fast for you and an “S” by those who are too slow.  On the second list, write the names of those whom you suspect become frustrated with you because you are either too fast or too slow at the decision- making and problem solving process. Place an “F” by those who think you may be too fast and an “S” by those who believe you may be too slow.  You can place names of supervisors, peers, subordinates, or friends and family members on each list.  Once you have your lists, rank the names in order of severity of frustration for each person on each list using a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being high frustration and 1 being low frustration. Module 4: Screen 40 through 44 Frustration Management Action Plan  Screen 40 through 43 give detailed instructions including a sample for writing an Action Plan.  Screen 44 tells them to complete their plan, and the second bullet point says; “I encourage you to share your plan with your supervisor or other trusted individual to get their feedback and support.”