Leadership and Team Development

How to nurture great leaders or become one yourself

Want to know who’s got leadership potential? Like to find out how to become a better leader? Then we can help. When it comes to Leadership Development, there are three main areas where the Judgment Index™ is particularly useful:

1.  Discover the leadership potential of job applicants

Employers and Human Resource professionals all over the world know how tough recruitment can be – especially when it comes to finding someone for a role that involves leadership. Candidates often look ideal on paper, but how do you really know what their leadership capabilities are? More and more HR professionals are using the Judgment Index™. This scientifically-based tool can measure a job applicant’s ability to be a leader. As a result, more positions than ever are being filled with the RIGHT person based on the best fit.

2.  Find out who in your team has what it takes to be the best leader

Professional development and career progression are key factors in maintaining a motivated workforce today. It’s important for productivity, and it’s important for employee morale. The Judgment Index™ can identify those with the potential for excellence in leadership. This helps set achievable targets in a professional development plan that can include our Learning Management System.

3.  Become a better leader

Decision making is a phrase we tend to associate with figures of authority, but the truth is, we’re all regular decision makers. What we do each day, whether choosing what we buy or which book to read, all involve making decisions – decisions that have a direct impact on our life. Some people are better than others at making decisions, but the good news is that it’s now possible to measure decision making skills with the Judgment Index™. And if you can measure it, you can improve it. The Judgment Index™ will show you where your strengths are and which areas you need to work on specifically to become a better leader.

Realizing Your Team’s Potential with the Judgment Index™

Getting a team to function together effectively means understanding the individuals within it. Which employees will work best together? Who should lead the team? What training does the team need in order to develop? How can you ensure the team has the best possible chance of succeeding together? The Judgment Index can help with all of these questions by giving an employer the detailed insight they need into individuals’ judgment and decision making skills and style, giving them the knowledge with which to develop the appropriate team.

Developing A Great Team Takes Insight

For a team to be truly great, it must fully understand how it currently performs, and be honest and open in regards to its strengths and weaknesses. This is never easy though, as the characteristics that determine team success lie within the individual employees that make up this team. So how can an employer gain the insight they need into the strengths and weaknesses their employees are bringing to the team?

Measuring Your Team’s Effectiveness With The Judgment Index™

The Judgment Index can be used to assess each team member’s judgment and decision making abilities and style, which can then be analyzed within the context of the team they are part of. It allows employers to clearly see where the strengths, weaknesses, frustration points and imbalances are in any team. A tailored plan can then be deployed to address these issues and quickly improve the team’s performance. It can also help you to create teams with the right judgment to get the job done and assign roles that best fit with your employees’ individual strengths.

Learn how the Judgment Index can add value to your business

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