Case Studies

Nurse Hiring and Retention Case Study

Hiring the right health care professionals improves patient care and the bottom line.

Healthcare System

Large southwest healthcare system experiences dramatic improvement in hiring success and retention.


  • Judgment Index™ was used to assess new nursing candidates for benchmarked judgment capacities and strength.
  • Guideline development standards were created for management.
  • Individual development plans were created using the Judgment IndexTM and implemented with the actual units involved.


Bottom Line Savings to Hospital System = $4,280,000 in first twelve months.

Performance Improvement Case Study

Development of Current Employees is Key to Success.

Large Corporation


  • Judgment Index™ was used to create best performer models in eleven key occupations.
  • Individual, team and department improvement actions were created build to best performer measures.
  • Performance was measured by a 5-point rating system.


  • 42% reduction in Unsatisfactory
  • 86% reduction in Fair
  • 125% improvement in Commendable
  • 420% improvement in Excellent
  • 250% improvement in Distinguished
  • Performance grading took place in an environment that is intentionally scored in a conservative manner.

Performance improvements add directly to the Bottom Line of an organisation.

Customer Service Case Study

Improving Selection of Personnel and Matching for Job Fit.

Benchmarking best performing customer care employees with the Judgment IndexTM can be used to improve hiring, placement and create effective individual development plans, which reduces turnover losses” in personnel.

Insurance Company: Customer Service Division

Annual turnover 38%


  • We benchmarked those who had been in customer service for 5 years or more and received excellent performance appraisals in customer care and job satisfaction.
  • We maintained the current hiring practices but changed the hiring standard to match the organisation’s “best performer” customer service model as revealed by Judgment IndexTM results.


  • Within one year turnover was cut in half. By the end of two years turnover had been reduced to 7%.
  • Savings over five years added to more than $14 Million in training costs alone!

Addressing Weaknesses

Using Judgment IndexTM, the company not only hired better, but trained better. Specific indicators were uncovered that pointed to several critical skills that were lacking. Training was used to strengthen and improve these weaknesses.

  • The ability to notice more than the client’s obvious issues and requirements.
  • The ability to reduce and manage both work and personal stress.
  • The ability to deal with difficult people.

Bottom Line Savings to the company = $14,000,000 in first 60 months.

Critical Positions Retention Case Study

Keeping the RIGHT health care professionals improves patient care and the bottom line.

Healthcare System

Midwest healthcare system experiences significant improvement in retention.


  • Judgment Index™ was used to assess new and current middle-level managers, RNs and senior-level managers for benchmarked judgement capacities and strength.
  • Guideline job fit and development standards were created for each department.


  • Attrition in Critical Positions was reduced by 109 employees.

Bottom Line Savings to Hospital System = $5,722,500 in first twelve months.

Sales Team Selection and Development Case Study

Improved performance, better placement, better matched work groups and job fit within the corporate structure significantly impacts the bottom-line.

Fortune 500 Company: Sales Force

Company needed a best performer sales model to grow nationally and quickly.


  • Three unique sales divisions were identified.
  • Each division was given unique benchmarks for success with top performers being compared to average and low producers.
  • Focused changes were made in best performer hiring, training, and placement of their current personnel. sales grew from $1.7 Billion to $4.3 Billion in 14 months.


  • Sales grew from $1.7 Billion to $4.3 Billion in 14 months.

Mentoring and Personnel Development

Through mentoring, specialized sales skills were improved resulting in:

  • More frequent contact between the small outside sales force.
  • More direct mentoring from the upper management team.

Critical indicators pointed to the following areas that needed personal development:

  • Focus/Concentration, assertiveness and improved self-image.

Sales Growth = $2.6 billion in fourteen months.

Sports Performance Case Study

The Judgment Index and the UK Navy Rugby Team

Without a win in 9 years against their Army counterparts, the Director of Navy Rugby, Lt Cdr Geraint Ashton Jones turned to the Judgment Index to gain the insight he felt he was lacking to effectively prepare his team for the match. By applying the Judgment Index to nine senior players, this new and unique understanding of the core of his team successfully informed the match preparations to the point where victory was achieved for the first time in almost a decade.