Learning Management System

What is the Judgment Index Learning Management System?

The Judgment Index LMS (Learning Management System) is a web site where an individual may purchase on-line courses offered by the Judgment Index. These courses specialize in the personal development of the individual in various areas of everyday life. They are designed to benefit and enrich the individual’s life and promote personal growth in both the work life and the home life.

Hardware Requirements

Currently the on-line LMS requires a computer with a browser that supports JavaScript. The computer must support sound and you must be able to hear with speakers or a headset to take the courses successfully. We suggest using a popular browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

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Steps to complete an online course.

If you desire to complete one of our courses, please do the following.

    1. Open and save the LMS User Guide Instructions Pdf document.pdf
    2. Then follow the instructions as outlined in the LMS User Guide.

With Judgment Index’s rollout of its Learning Management System, an individual can access seven (7) new computer based training modules focusing on improving their judgment in the following areas. Each course would take approximately 1.5 to 3 hours to complete.


Improving Strategic Judgment

Lack of strategic judgment is a common weakness in personal development that many times hold one back and/or derails a company’s long term success.


Improving Work-life Balance

This course looks at “who we are” and how to improve a person’s balance between your Work-Side and Self-side. The stronger one is on their Self-Side the more productive they will be on their Work-Side. The “Who” drives the “What” as we seek balance within our self.


Improving Noticing Capacity

Points out unique ways one can improve their noticing capacity to pick up information beneath the surface and not just on the surface level. How effective is an employee in seeing and picking up “blind” spots? If not strong, this could be costly to the business.


Improving Decision making Energy & Dealing with Difficult People

Many times people don’t like to deal with difficult people or difficult scenarios. This course is focused on how to better deal with difficult people or difficult scenarios and how to increase ones’ energy level to deal with these difficult situations while promoting innovation and creativity.



Improving Self-Side Stress

The goal of this course is to gain an understanding of the effects of stress on behavior, judgment and health and to identify critical causes of stress and specific solutions to positively deal with the stress in our lives.


Developing Positive Self-Esteem

The goal of this course is to help the individual understand the causes of low self-esteem and learn how self-esteem can be managed to improve judgment and overall performance.


Dealing with Frustration

Our ability to constructively deal with daily frustrations is an essential leadership and life skill. Frustration exists when there is a gap between the skill sets of individuals, their points of view and abilities. Learning how to constructively bridge that gap can lead to better judgment, higher productivity and reduced stress.

The Judgment Index Assessment

While it is not required, you may desire to complete the Judgment Index™ Assessment. This is recommended. Please follow these instructions to complete the Judgment Index™ and receive the below reports.

Judgment Index™ Basic Package:

  • Blue Diamond Short Form Score Sheet – Intuitive one page report that allows an individual to easily view the strength of their judgment capacity as it relates to people, work tasks, and big picture. This document can be viewed easily to allow you to make a better hire or for self-improvement.
  • Judgment Index™ Personalized Narrative – This personalized 44+ page report provides a personal in-depth analysis of a person’s Judgment Index™ score results. It notes the strength and how an individual makes judgments enabling you to make sure you have the right person in the right position within your workforce and points out areas for improvement.

These 2 reports will be auto generated and you should receive with 5 minutes from completing your assessment.